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Supply Solutions from New Zealand to the Pacific Islands for over 30 years - Robin Exports NZ
In partnership, let us
be your supply solution.

Supply Solutions from New Zealand to the Pacific Islands for over 30 years

Robin Exports is a hands-on procurement company that has been perfecting its skills for more than 30 years. We have the resources to tackle a wide range of tasks but we're small enough to retain that personal touch.

Over the years the company and its individuals have built up great relationships with resorts, wholesalers, shops, businesses and retailers in the vastly scattered islands of the Pacific to supply people and businesses with all sorts of products.

Imagine a local hardware store in Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga or the Cook Islands - shelves stocked with all sorts of things. You want to be able to offer products at realistic prices and here our journey begins. We approach different suppliers & manufacturers in New Zealand and overseas to nail down competitive prices for each item on your shopping list, put an order together and ship it via a shipping agent to its new home. This is the core part of our business.

To give you the best prices, we have pulled in a few special relationships - like with Tramontina, Sistema Plastics, The Tool Shed, Kiwi Truck Tyres, Kiwi Care, Supercharge Batteries, Kliptank, SULCO Tools & Generators and some others to use their brand to enhance the credibility of our strong and evolving partnerships.

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In 2010 we successfully ventured into a variety of special projects, but in the end it all comes back to people in remote places needing things and asking us to source them at the best possible prices and put them on a ship. Please feel free to browse our website and to ask questions if you can't find your answer.


We really appreciate your efforts in New Zealand to maximise what went into our container. It was safely loaded and maximised the available space. You may expect many more orders from our company...

~ Pacific Island Kitchen Manufacturer   (view all testimonials)
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