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Supplying Aid Solutions to the Pacific Islands

aid assistance to the pacific islands

weather map - aid assistance to the pacific islands

Destruction by tropical storms has a devastating effect in the Pacific region and without the support of neighbouring countries, recovery would be a long and arduous process.

New Zealand is one of the first to respond to emergencies and to be effective, well thought out solutions need to be readily accessible. An ability to quickly assemble and dispatch what is required is critical; something Robin Exports has done well before.

WATER & SHELTER - NZ made modular Kliptanks are easily transported to use as a temporary shelter and converted later to provide large liquid storage from 67,000 to 1,000,000 litres. Vermin and insect proof, they are erected in a few hours. A single tank replaces and uses less space than a tank farm.

Kliptanks - aid assistance to the pacific islands

Use Kliptanks for water storage, effluent management, irrigation.

POWER - Scaleable solutions from 2kW to 20kVA of reliable AC and DC power from our NZ supply partner - SULCO Tools & Equipment

Collapsible containers from 5 to 20 litres; ropes and twines, tarpaulins...

aid assistance to the pacific islands aid assistance to the pacific islands

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We really appreciate your efforts in New Zealand to maximise what went into our container. It was safely loaded and maximised the available space. You may expect many more orders from our company...

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