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Drymix the leading, independently owned manufacturer of drymix concrete and cement products for the building industry and DIY market. All products are made from rounded river run aggregates for ease of mixing and to eliminate piercing of bags in storage. These products are batch mixed to generate the best technology and consistency within the industry.

Drymix - Easy to Mix ready-to-use concrete is the ideal, simple to prepare concrete for use around the home and garden. Perfect for poles, posts and pathways, just add water.

When mixed according to the instructions, Easy to Mix concrete will exceed a 28-day compressive strength of 20MPa.

Sizes - 25kg, 40kg Bags.

Drymix - Quick to Set is an easy to use, fast-setting concrete ideal for the placement of posts. Simply concrete in the post and carry on with the job. Sets in 15 minutes.

When mixed according to the instructions, Quick to Set achieves a set in minutes and a 28-day strength of 15MPa.

Sizes - 25kg Bags.

Drymix - Mortar is the ideal product for use in the placement of bricks and blocks. It couldn't be simpler to use. Just add water!

When mixed according to the instructions, Mortar achieves a 28-day strength of 12.5MPa in accordance with NZS 4210:1989:Code of practice for masonry construction.

Sizes - 20kg Bag.

Drymix - Pave-Set is a jointing material specially formulated to allow rapid filling of vertical joints between segmented clay and masonry pavers. For use on flexible pavements only with gaps up to 20mm.

Pave-Set is not recommended for use on rustic, non-smooth clay pavers as staining and scuffing may occur.

Sizes - 30kg Bag.

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