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Supplying Water Management to the Pacific Islands

water management solutions

Robin Exports has access to an extensive range of products to manage both water and effluent in situations where environmental care is essential. Water is a precious commodity in the Pacific Islands and Robin Exports has water and effluent storage solutions for single dwellings, resorts or entire villages and most things in between.

From a collapsible 20 litre container to the ingenious NZ manufactured 1.5 million litre Kliptank, there is a solution available to meet most specific requirements.

A tank farm of ready made plastic tanks was once the only solution and freight logistics make these costly to import because of the shear size and space of these things. The patented Kiwi Kliptank design allows much larger storage containers to be shipped disassembled by pallet and erected on site. Kliptanks are vermin and insect proof and ideal for the storage of water and bulk liquids, grain and effluent.

Pumps, hoses and fittings from Robin Exports' supply partners complete the solution.

water management solutions

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We really appreciate your efforts in New Zealand to maximise what went into our container. It was safely loaded and maximised the available space. You may expect many more orders from our company...

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